Are you ready for the new adventure - Dragon Awaken 1.90?
- 2018/12/13 -
Version 1.90 of Dragon Awaken has launched on November 20th. Want to know what’s in the new patch? Let's take a look!

Latest Features

Pet Trip

Do you own a pet? If you don't, here's the chance! (And f you are already pet owner, why wouldn't you want more pets!) Take a trip with them and they will obtain rewards for you. Find them in "Land", press "Pet Trip" and stay online for awhile, you will get Gold in no time, or even Chests if you're lucky! Let up to 3 of your Pets loose every 2 hours to explore this vast dragon world!

Feed Pet

We have been adding new functions to the Pet System,  The new Feeding system is a game changer. In this feature, players can feed the pets and grow them stronger!

EXP Fairy

The EXP fairy will grant you wish of becoming stronger in the game! For every 10 levels from level 40 to 70, you can obtain more experience than ever!


Who doesn’t like a surprise? Now you get to experience them in Dragon Awaken. This feature unlocks at level 20. 5 types of Gachas, 5 times the fun. Different Gachas for Wings, Mount, Hero, Relic and Fashion. Start to Gacha to win awesome rewards!

Enchanted Garden

A place you will never leave once you are in. Roll the dice and get rewards! Amazing rewards  including Gold and more. You can also visit your friend’s gardens for some interactive gameplay.


The Deity feature has opened in Ultimate Level. Upgrade your dragon to unlock the feature, train your favourite deity and inherit their power! Aside from that, you will also be able to gain Stats boosts. If you have a hard time choosing a Deity, reading their stories and exploring their pasts is a good idea!

What are you waiting for? Become a dragon master!

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