The World Cup Event in Dragon Awaken
- 2018/06/15 -

The football World Cup has started! And we believe all the Dragon Awaken players are paying close attention to this competition. If you do, don’t miss the Game Guessing Event in the game, where you will have the chance to receive up to 200000 Amber by betting!

Dragon Awaken and Football

Dragon Awaken and Football


Before June 30th 2018, players can collect soccer items in the game and use them to participate in the Game Guessing Event. In this event, players can use items to guess the champion, the golden boot, the final four teams and the final eight teams of this year’s football World Cup! 

Will you play safe and vote for the favorites or take the risk and bet for an underdog? Up to 200000 Amber are waiting for the players to win in this event!

Also, we will give you a very special gift. We will raffle some football t-shirts to the players who recharge the most before June 30th!! There are 3 t-shirts in total waiting for you.

What are you waiting for? Join the event and enjoy the World Cup in Dragon Awaken!